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The BCA’s Arbitration service is inexpensive, and can be a rapid solution to disputes, even if cases involve large sums of money.
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What is the British Coffee Association’s arbitration service?

The BCA’s arbitration service is formed of a specialist independent panel that deals with general disputes arising from transactions in the coffee industry. The internationally respected arbitration service provides confidential and private services which are available for members and non-members.

No matter how big or small the dispute, the BCA’s arbitration service provides parties with a fair, timely and economical form of dispute resolution.

Arbitration is inexpensive, and can be a rapid solution to disputes, even if cases involve large sums of money. As well as being cheaper, it is a much faster process than litigation or a resolving a problem through a court of law. The BCA’s arbitration service manages the proceedings in a quick and efficient manner, saving parties time and expensive.


Links to the BCA Arbitration Rules as well as a Guide to BCA Arbitration can be found below. 

All BCA arbitrations are conducted under English Law.

How does arbitration work?

All BCA arbitrations are conducted under English Law. All disputes are adjudicated by qualified arbitrators who make up the BCA’s Arbitration and Appeal Panel. The panel is reviewed periodically and training is provided for prospective Arbitrators who are drawn from active members of the coffee trade.

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What is the duty of an arbitrator?

The general duty of tribunals is mandatory under the Arbitration Act 1996. Section 33 of the Act reads as follows:

  • The tribunal shall act fairly and impartially between the parties, giving each party a reasonable opportunity of putting his case and dealing with that of his opponent, and adopt procedures suitable to the circumstances of the particular case, avoiding unnecessary delay or expense, so as to provide a fair means for the resolution of the matters falling to be determined.
  • The tribunal shall comply with that general duty in conducting the arbitral proceedings, in its decisions on matters of procedure and evidence and in the exercise of all other powers conferred on it.
  • Impartiality is therefore a legal requirement for all arbitrators.

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BCA Arbitration Rules
Click here to download a brief guide to BCA Arbitration.
For a checklist of further information that you will need to provide, and the BCA arbitration fees, please click here.

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