01 Oct 2021.

As we celebrate International Coffee Day, and recognise all those who contribute to the production of the world’s favourite hot beverage, it is a particularly good point to look forward in the hope that the events of the past 18 months are starting to move into history and we focus on future developments.  Certainly at BCA we have just celebrated two well supported ‘in-person’ events but we are also building back on our international contacts with recent contacts and discussions with Commission and Embassy representatives from Brazil, Colombia, India, Uganda and Vietnam. 


There are a range of trade and sustainability issues to cover with them all and hopefully some forthcoming coffee-specific events to which we will be inviting you.   Moving towards the end of our first year outside the EU we are also starting to see some of the potential divergences which will come into being in the near future.  Recent discussions with Food Standards Agency officials has given some fairly clear steers that the UK approach to reviewing legislation on issues such as Acrylamide are less likely to result in automatic tightening of limits than is being seen at the EU level.  A much greater degree of pragmatism is certainly being talked about – one day that pragmatism may extend to the Dept of Transport, Home Office and the Treasury – we live in hope!  


The BCA Executive Committee recently sanctioned the renewal of the Association’s website and our move to a platform which will allow us to be more interactive, more easily gain views across the whole membership and allow a greater number of members to interact on topics of interest and/or concern.  It is also intended to provide a route through which more training and education options can be accessed. We hope this new site will arrive early in 2022.


Paul Rooke.

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