British Coffee Association - Coffee and the economy
Coffee and the economy

Coffee and the economy

Coffee, like any commodity, is traded on the open market and prices over time can fluctuate based on supply and demand. As some of the world's leading manufacturers, traders and marketers of coffee, the BCA's members have responsibilities to consumers, employees and shareholders as well as the many thousands of coffee growers around the world regarding the price of coffee - from the cost of a bean to the price you pay for a cappuccino on the high street. 

The changing nature of the UK's status within the EU will undoubtedly have an effect on Britain’s role within the global market and the EU coffee industry. We are working closely with the government and our partners such as the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) to ensure that consumers, companies and growers are supported through this transition to minimise the financial impact of the process.

To ensure the UK coffee industry continues to thrive, we are focussed on the following key concerns:

  • Legislation and free trade - the BCA wants to see this continue without change and believes it is imperative to maintain if the UK coffee industry is to continue to thrive.
  • Continuation of the free movement of labour - this is particularly important for those areas of the industry that rely on migrant workers within their businesses.
  • Renegotiating trade tariffs with the UK government - this could take a significant amount of time to agree any changes with the government so a continuation of a ‘business as usual’ approach is very beneficial for the UK coffee industry.

The BCA will work with the government and its partners to ensure a smooth transition of all its members on behalf of the industry. If you would like to find out more about the work the BCA is doing with regards to Brexit, please get in touch.