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Coffee and sustainability - Reducing the Environmental Impact of the Coffee Industry

The British Coffee Association (BCA) recognises and supports the importance of minimising the environmental impact of coffee; from sustainable growing, reducing waste during the roasting and manufacturing process, to minimising the carbon footprint during distribution and improving innovation around coffee cup and pods recycling.

Environmental sustainability is a primary focus for the British coffee industry, and progress to address this issue is well underway. Coffee companies across the industry are innovating both in technology throughout the manufacturing process and their products. This includes significant innovations around biodegradable materials, recycling processes and waste management.

We encourage all our members to take innovation in the environmental and sustainability arena seriously. The BCA continues to provide support and counsel to help educate, inform and encourage our members from across the industry to ensure we are working together to reduce environmental impacts, improve recyclability, and comply with the requirements of the EU Packaging Waste Directive.