British Coffee Association - Membership


The British Coffee Association (BCA) provides its members with a wide range of support and benefits.

Regulatory and Legislative Information

  • Providing information about the trade, manufacture, distribution and consumption of coffee.
  • Providing a pre-competitive forum for discussion of all issues affecting the industry and acting as industry spokesperson.
  • Ensuring that the coffee industry’s views are represented on relevant legislative and technical issues.
  • Liaising with other organisations e.g. retailers, suppliers to the trade etc.


Arbitration Service

  • Arbitration and appeal facilities are available for resolving quality and technical disputes in an efficient and cost-effective manner, with a London centre for those wishing to undertake arbitration under the ‘Arbitration Act 1996’. For more information click here.


Public Information Programme

  • Pregant women drinking a coffee while readingEngaging with consumers as a representative body to reassure that four to five cups of coffee each day can contribute to a healthy, balanced diet and may even confer some health benefits.
  • Dispelling inaccurate and negative information published about coffee across the UK media, thus enabling the industry to maintain, if not increase, advice on moderate coffee consumption of four to five cups a day within the UK, or two to three cups during pregnancy.
  • Keeping readers up-to-date on all coffee/caffeine related items in the national press.


Social and Educational Activities

  • Organising the Annual Golf Day, for members of the Association.
  • Organising the Annual Dinner Dance, for members of the Association.
  • Holding education seminars, ‘From Tree to Cup’, encompassing all aspects of the coffee industry, suitable for those new to the industry or for those who wish to learn more about other sectors within the industry.
  • Facilitating the London Arbitration Service and associated training courses.


Additional benefits of BCA membership include participation in the European Coffee Federation, a member of the Executive Committee and its subsidiary committees, as well as the ability to inform and influence FoodDrinkEurope.

Members of the BCA can also benefit from links with associations of which the BCA itself is a member. These include:

  • UK Food and Drinks Federation (FDF).
  • The Federation of Commodity Associations.
  • The Common Code for the Coffee Community Association (4C).


The BCA also works closely with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in the UK, advising on all coffee-related issues.