British Coffee Association - Grinding


After roasting, the beans need to be ground. Ground coffee has a greater surface area than the whole bean, so hot water can get to it more quickly and release the flavours.

However, excessive grinding will cause the oils to evaporate and the coffee to taste bitter and acidic.

Coffee beans passing through a large coffee grinderGrinding Tips

Never grind more coffee than you will use for immediate brewing. Once the coffee beans are ground, the flavourful oils are exposed to the damaging air. As these oils dissipate, so will the flavour of your coffee.

Different methods of brewing will require different grind consistencies. It is important to have the correct grind for your coffee maker, because without it your cup of coffee will not have the proper taste. Here is a guide to help you:


Method Grind Needed
Turkish Pot Pulverised
Filter Machine Very fine grind
Espresso Machine Fine grind but not too powdery
Jug Method Medium grind or a bit coarser
Cafetière Medium ground
Mocha Pot (Stove Top) Fine grind
Original Percolater Medium grind
Vacuum Method Medium grind or a bit coarser